Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Place

The weekend is almost here so let's go to our "happy place".
If you don't have one, maybe this will help.

If you watched the Oscars, you may recall Best Song nominee Pharrell Williams performing his upbeat song "Happy". Well, it seems "Happy" is turning into a worldwide phenomenon! It truly seems to be making people around the world...HAPPY! Not only is it No. 1 all over the world, but people are responding by making their own video versions of "Happy". It's nice to see a song like this bringing people together. Check out video versions of Happy from around the world. I checked out Brooklyn.

Karen Higashi sent the "Happy" videos and this clip from the Big Bang Theory.
Thanks Karen ... You may have brought a little sprinkle of happiness to the readers.
Happiness for me will be the day the hologram shows itself to everybody as it closes.