Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Malaysia Flight 370

No news yet, as people around the world use technology to locate the missing plane, and we all learn a bit more about aviation. The search could take months though everyone believes the plane will be found eventually, the final outcome, as time passes, not optimistic. Most people look to physical reality for the answers - all of which is in the news - and will be for sometime - as that is a very large area to explore. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370   Wikipedia

As we experience in the final days of this hologram, those who understand the nature of reality, wonder if this is indeed a paranormal event combined with scientific fact.

The mystery deepens over the plane's flight path. A news report stated that Flight 370 made an abrupt, unexplained 90 degree turn - then suddenly disappeared. We all have funny little words and phrases that dance around in our minds from time to time even if we don't know what they mean. For me, one of the expressions is 90 degrees of separation - that file originally posted in 1995 when Crystalinks came online and updated through the years - through today. It has to do with bending light to make something invisible at this level of awareness and goes back to Einstein's relativity. Was the disappearance of Malaysia flight 370 a science project that was successful from one point of view and an enigma from another?

Two-dimensional projection of a three-dimensional analogy of spacetime curvature described in general relativity