Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nature at Work and Play

Current solar activity produced the most powerful CME so far in 2014 also

creating stunning auroras, northern lights and sun dogs across northern Europe.

Spaceweather - Saturday March 1, 2014

Twice every year, around the time of the equinoxes, Earth can pass directly between the Sun and NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), producing a series of beautiful eclipses. SDO's vernal eclipse season began yesterday, producing a near-total blackout of the sun. For the next three weeks these eclipses will repeat once a day around 07:30 UT. At the beginning of the season, the eclipses are short, only a few minutes long. Their duration increases to 72 minutes, mid-season, before tapering off to minutes again as the season winds down. Because most eclipses are relatively short, there is still plenty of uninterrupted time for SDO to monitor activity on the sun. Researchers estimate a scant 2% data loss averaged over the weeks ahead. The ongoing eclipse season will end in late March. Between now and then, stay tuned for some rare blackouts.

March 1-2, 2014

New Moon 10° Pisces

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86th Academy Awards

Danny the Spirit of 9/11

Friday morning February 28, 2014

Lots of clients are braving the cold to come here over the next three days ... as well as a few spirits of note. A spirit named Danny, in his 30's, who died on 9/11, came to visit this morning. I will let you know later if he has any connection with today's clients who I've never read.

Tower 1 (North Tower) on the left had the antenna spire

Friday evening

Danny turned out to be the brother of a new client named Angela. He died on 9/11 in Tower 1 of the World Trade Center where he worked as a manager for Cantor Fitzgerald.

Between laughter and tears, Danny stayed for his sister's reading ... sharing facts about his life before and after he died ... a knowing that he was going to die young ... then suddenly announcing, "I'm going to fly by your window as a white bird." Before we could say anything ... a large white bird swooped right in front of us ... sending chills up and down our bodies. Luckily my client was doing a video recording of the session on her iPhone. I grabbed her phone ... pointed it straight ahead and captured the moment. I love my job .... and technology ... and fun spirits. Thanks Danny ... Stay in touch.

Just after Angela left, I walked back to the table and found the photo of Danny posted above - lying on the floor. It had "accidentally" slipped out of Angela's folder of photos she had collected for the reading. I ran to the door and caught her, just before she entered the elevator ... the one on the left ... but that was another adventure.