Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In the Beginning ...

Creation started with something one might call a Big Bang when the hologram came "online" and the "experiment" began... And now it signals closure ...

That Signal From the Beginning of Time Could Redefine Our Universe   Wired - March 18, 2014

The physics world was on fire yesterday after an announcement that astronomers had detected a signal from the beginning of time. This is exactly as cool as it sounds. Maybe even cooler. And it might lead to us learning further crazy things about our universe. Besides coming as a shock to most of the community, the discovery once again proved that we don't quite know many things about our universe. Ordinarily sober-minded scientists went to hyperbolic lengths to describe just how significant the results were. Depending on who you ask, they were as important as finding the Higgs boson, directly detecting dark matter, or discovering life on other planets. Nobel Prizes are already being discussed.


Current Earthquake Activity IRIS

Earthquakes Worldwide in the Last 30 Days IRIS

Are you following the earthquake map? It started on March 10, 2014 off the coast of northern California highlighted near Eureka, which is near the San Andreas Fault, then powerful quakes hit Peru, now Chile, and this morning LA. Keep watching.

New anchors Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson wasted no time before ducking and covering.

  Magnitude 4.4 earthquake felt near Los Angeles   BBC - March 17, 2014
The US Geological Survey (USGS) recorded the 4.4-magnitude quake 9km (5.6 miles) from the Los Angeles neighborhood of Westwood. It struck at 06:25 local time (13:25 GMT). No severe damage, injuries or deaths have been reported. A USGS spokeswoman said it was the strongest earthquake in Los Angeles since the last aftershocks from the 1994 Northridge quake.