Thursday, March 13, 2014


Are things crazy in your life and those of others you know? I have never experienced this much confusion, destruction, and dysfunctionality across the globe as I am at this time. It's as if the very fabric of time is being ripped apart. Perhaps it is. Not much seems to work anymore - human consciousness really off course, much like Malaysia Flight 370.

East Harlem Apartment Explosion

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yesterday, as my daughter Nikki's Metro-North train pulled into the 125 Street Station - the last stop before Grand Central Terminal - they announced an explosion. Her first thought, and biggest fear, was a fire on the tracks, but the conductor quickly announced the explosion was in the street just outside.

It's at this moment you're thankful we have modern technology - cell phones, iPads, whatever you've got. Stranded on the train for 30 minutes, Nikki called and texted to me and her husband Ryan, who wanted to come to her rescue. She told him to stay put in Connecticut and that she would find a way off the train and to work. Since her train was a ready at the station - the passengers were all permitted to leave. The passengers in the trains behind hers were stranded for hours.

Nikki witnessed the buildings as they collapsed, the area covered in smoke, police and emergency vehicles everywhere, all reminiscent of 9/11. She was lucky enough to hail a cab finally arriving safely at work. She left work by 3:00 PM and once again was lucky to get a car service to drive her back to Connecticut. Today the trains are running on time. Metro-North Incidents and Accidents May 17, 2013 ... on.

Thursday March 13, 2013

Every day something new is reported about missing Malaysia Flight 370. The more information - the more questions and contradictions. What are the coverups? Is this a diversion? Should one trust the Chinese government? The truth may take months to uncover, if ever. If you can remote view, do you see the plane beneath the ocean? I don't. This could be a scientific experiment gone wrong, rather than a hijacking, act of terrorism, or accident.