Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reality Reruns

Remember the Cold War - emphasis on US and Russia? Things seem to be heating up between these two countries again. Many of the other law-enforcement shows I watch, speak about nuclear weapons hidden by the Russians on US soil going back to that timeline, that have yet to be uncovered. I'm not sure why this theme is being reactivated, but it is. Almost like there is nothing new to create in the simulation.

The FX series The Americans is set during the Cold War years - about Russian agents living as Americans in the 1980's. I have two friends, John and Clell, who are extras on the show. I watched "The Americans" twice when it originally aired, but found that the technologies of the 1980s were so outdated, I stopped. Technology saves the day in my opinion. People running around without cell phones and high-tech surveillance doesn't cut it. Yet some of the technologies used in futuristic sci-fi shows feels way off - though I am not sure why.

Stay tuned to see how all of this plays out - in what ever part of the "theater of the mind" (reality) you are experiencing. Remember it's all in the script ...

Some of us have always known that we are experiencing in the many facets of a simulation, waiting to get out. Wednesday night's episode of "Revolution", called "Dreamcatcher", dealt with Aaron, an MIT graduate and former billionaire Google executive, who realizes he is stuck in a matrix, or in his own consciousness. It all starts when the things happening in your life feel wrong, off, and continue until you remember the truth ... if you ever do. Watch "Dreamcatcher" on NBC.

After watching "Revolution", I fell asleep and experienced sequence dreams where someone kept whispering ... "Wake up Ellie. Ellie ... wake up!" I could see the matrix and shadows of my true reality. Perhaps one could equate this to being in a coma while others try desperately to wake you up - or I could be trying to wake myself up as this feels more complex than what I'm describing.

It would seem that everyone is promoting the concept of the universe as a hologram. This is created by the hologram itself trying to help people understand the creation and where it's all going. This short clip from scientific American sort of explains it all. This and other shows by physicists always take me back to the summer of 2011 when I saw myself sitting on the edge of an Event Horizon, looking back at the void and watching realities being created then streaming outward into physical reality.

  Is Our Universe a Hologram?   Scientific American - March 5, 2014
We take for granted that we exist as 3D beings in a 3D universe, but physicists suggest that our world is just the projection of a reality written in 2D. Scientific American editor Michael Moyer explains.