Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Projections in Time

When I was a little girl, television first began, thus setting the stage for me to watch programming all of my life as Ellie Crystal.

Maybe it's because of

    - my connection to the Watchers

    - a knowing that what we believe is reality, is all projected illusion on the screens of our minds

    - when I had my UFO experience in 1954, everything that was shown to me was projected imagery on streaming (as in consciousness) 360° screens.

    - I use the glass door to my terrace, or the windows in my home, as screens with flowing images when I do my readings

    - I am a visual learner

    - or something else beyond this reality

but I have always related to the concept of the visual. It's the way my brain is programmed for experience.

As technology evolved, video became one of the main facets for understanding how the hologram works. It's also an excellent healing tool.

YouTube has become a way to bring humanity together instantly - as videos go viral in a day and suddenly everyone gets the message.

Understanding the hologram ... Visualize yourself and someone else walking through a park and having an experience that is being recorded but a third person. After a while you stop to watch the video of what you experienced. When something gets boring you fast forward. When something needs to be explored further you rewind and watch it again. And when you are done you push the off button - computer end program. The part of you that is projected on the screen is not harmed when the experience is no longer running. And that is the way reality works.


Right now, capturing the attention of the world in the news, we find MH370, The G-7, Mudsildes, Oil Spills, among other stories that will connect for you if you're programmed to get something from them. Our personal consciousness grids are always out there "seeking" to select and connect grid experiences that are part of your programming. You never stop doing that - even in dream time and out of body experience such as meditation - until your consciousness leaves the hologram. There are personal experiences - but then there are those that touch all of humanity creating evolutionary consciousness. Where are we in 2014? We are trying really hard not to be deceived by the trickster and those who play that role in this reality. We are no different than early man programmed for experience, living that experience, and always feeling there is a higher purpose for being here, no matter how bad things get.


If you watch "The Good Wife," you are very upset that they killed off Will Gardner. First, it was Carter on Person of Interest, now Will among other main characters on shows I don't watch. I guess art imitates life because even in our personal "realities" main characters are taken away from us. Loss has become a very recognized component of the human evolutionary process.

Let's segue to a great new show called Believe. Here we find a story about a little girl named Bo, who reminds me of Allie on Steven Spielberg's miniseries "Taken." Genetics made both little girls special with telekinetic powers and more. Both were/are on the run from the government ... and along the way meet their biological fathers. If you watch "Believe", you've probably pieced together that Bo's father Tate was wrongfully put in jail by the bad guy Roman Skouras. Like Allie, I believe she will learn that she has to be careful using her powers so she doesn't burn out. We have only begun to see what Bo can do. Bo's mom showed us how consciousness projects thoughts and imagery on a blank canvas that manifests all at once. This equates to looking at a steamed up mirror in your bathroom and suddenly an image/message comes through all at once. Consciousness is a fun tool if you understand how it works.

Let's go to another new show Crisis. Scully, from X-Files, has a lead role in a plot that is reminiscent of last season's TV series "Hostages".

Monday night brings Intelligence, Castle, and Bones, and best of all Blacklist (another excellent performance by James Spader last night that included a 1940s music box rekindling his connection to his daughter).

Tuesday -- Perception, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, and best of all Person of Interest.

There are other shows later in the week that broadcast a few episodes, stop for weeks, if not months, then return once or twice and you just kind of lose the connections between the characters and the dynamic that they used to share in the good old days when a season ran continuously.

The only programs I never watch are reality shows which bring out the worst of the human emotional experience ... and as we know are all staged anyway ... but then again so is reality. On occasion I'll watch a talk show, or something on the History Channel, but generally don't have time. Generally everything I watch is recorded. I watch the news as world events evolve but generally just for the highlights.

I hope you enjoy whatever shows reflect that which you are supposed to experience in this lifetime. Your selection of TV programming reflects your emotional body and what you came here to experience.

Tuesday March 25, 2014

The governments - or powers that be - need to bring some degree of closure to this situation and so we find what they want us to believe is debris from the missing aircraft. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. If this is indeed debris MH370 there are many unanswered questions that go to conspiracy theory, that may never be disclosed All I see are coverups. We are no longer the naive children who believe what they tell us. As with a great action adventure TV series - stay tune for the next episode. All I see are delays.

  Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: 'We're still trying to define where the haystack is'   CNN - March 25, 2014
Efforts to try to identify debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the southern Indian Ocean are unlikely to start again for at least another 24 hours, Australian officials said Tuesday.

Find MH370 broadcasting in Black and White.
Do you know what that means?

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