Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Chadwick Memories

Young at Heart

I took my friend Shirley to lunch at Chadwick's Restaurant in Brooklyn for her 80th birthday. Time flies. I remember when we were young growing up on West End Avenue. (Ellie 73). Our waiter told us that last week they had a 100th birthday party for a woman who didn't use a cane and had few medical problems. We laughed that most of the patrons were Seniors. Is 1:00 our dinner hour? (lol)

I began my career as a professional psychic at Chadwick's as the Psychic in The Pyramid.
Here I am with my ET friend Harold Eglyn back in the day. He is also 73 (Leo).

My daughter Zsia had her bridal shower at Chadwick's 22 years ago.

In High School she was a regional champion gymnast.
The body never forgets ...30 years later ...
not quite in shape for the 2016 Olympics ...

Here she is in Aruba with her family and their endless
friends from Basking Ridge, New Jersey this week.

A Smiling Volcano and Other Fun Mysterious Pareidolia
  Discovery - August 3, 2016