Monday, August 29, 2016

Political Statements From
Generation Z

My grandson Giovanni, a High School Junior in Gilbert, AZ., turned 16 on Saturday. As with the rest of the world, political themes and the future of the nation are often discussed/debated in and out of school. Vanni is part of Generation Z - (starting birth years ranging from the mid-1990s to mid-2000s and ending birth years ranging from the late 2000s to mid-2020s).

Vanni seems to have his mother's flair for art, as he drew the pictures below. Though he fears what Hillary will do to the country - he feels the same about Trump. Imagine being 16 - watching the world around you change as fast at the tech (his field of study) - and wondering what life will be like when he becomes a man. Is Generation Z programmed to tolerate and accept the old ways or to fight for change as have generation before to no avail? History repeats itself to perpetuate its design.

Statement on Hillary Clinton

We must save the Nation

The dawn of a new beginning

Myth and Magic

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August 28 - September 5, 2016

2016 Art Theme: Da Vinci's Workshop

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Burning Man is a week-long annual event held in Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada.

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