Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Inventors

What would history be without them ...

Did you ever want to invent something - to create a better way that would help others and perhaps the world? This goes along with "making a difference" themes. If an inventor is lucky they raise money for their prototype and hope their concept isn't stolen even after it is patented. From production to marketing it takes a while to get a product out there but with today's online markets the job can be easier.

Yesterday, my grandson Giovanni,16, told me and his best friend are creating an app and an online game as they are all about technology and gaming. As part of their junior year in Perry High School in Arizona, they spend the first half of the school day taking regular classes, then drive to a special technical school for the practical sides of their education. Their Junior and Senior years will be a segue between high school and college. With fund raising websites like Go Fund Me and organizations that help high school students, they might find funding or a benefactor.

My mind has always conceptualized new and better ways to do most things, but as I am not a scientist, nothing ever materialized. My father went from the corporate world of accounting to the fashion world of men's clothing design, where he created a more cost-effective pattern for men's clothing. While he was doing that I studied fashion in high school and considered it for college, as I live here in New York, but my life took me in the direction of teaching and psychology. I think I would've made a great fashion designer back in the day but it never happened and I have no regrets. Another career I considered was architecture but there was simply no time to do it all. Again, I have no regrets.

If I was inventing something today, it would be a teleportation device though it's probably been developed and kept hidden from the people.

The New Moon in 10 Leo° tonight will not sit quietly.

I feel its energies lingering on for days ...

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