Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Focus On ... Focus Off ...

When U focus - U accomplish

Tuesday August 9, 2016

- Olympics - Focus on Team USA winning. Focus off doping, weather, injuries, crime

- Politics - Focus on diversion and the bigger picture - Focus off today's news

- Terrorism - Focus on insanity, summer heat, growing apathy

- Self help - Focus on the reason people are burning out

- Relationship - Focus on the fate of a summer romance vs. real world

- Job, career, business - Focus on retirement

- College - Focus on scholarship

The Drake Equation and Martians

Martians Might Be Real. That Makes Mars Exploration Way More Complicated   Wired - August 8, 2016
History will not that the guy who discovered liquid water on Mars was an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, a 20-year-old who played guitar in a death-metal band and worked in a planetary science lab. One day, while comparing different satellite images of a single Martian crater taken at various times of year, he noticed something odd: a set of dark streaks in the soil that grew in the Martian summer and shrank in the winter. They seemed to flow down the craterÕs slope, like a spill.

Shopping for paint at Home Depot