Monday, August 22, 2016


The Olympics have ended with a Carnivalesque closing ceremony and both major success and shame for the US. More than 10,000 athletes, representing 207 nations, competed in 31 sports, with 306 sets of medals awarded over the course of the Games. Records were broken, history was made, legends confirmed and superstars born.

The New Moon brought an overhaul to Trump's campaign last week, but it's doubtful he has changed - just "beginning" to understand how to be politically correct without become the head to a corrupt political party and doing their bidding. Do you get the feeling he's also battling with the powers-that-be? Soon it will be over.

Is Obamacare collapsing?

As Sal, the super in my building, and his wife prepare to head home for their annual vacation with family in Turkey ... The horrors of Syria's civil war crossed into Turkey again as more than 50 people at a Kurdish wedding were killed by a suicide bomber. Turkey blamed the Islamic State for the attack, and said the assailant was no older than 14. Each year Sal and his wife become more and more disenchanted about moving home as his retirement approaches. They used to spend 4 weeks there, now they travel to other countries first then to Turkey.

Many students and teachers are starting fall semester this week. I spent Sunday with my family in NJ as grandson Michael leaves for Boston College tomorrow. So much packing ... Do you remember your freshman year?

August 23 - September 22, 2016

Sun in Virgo

Happy Birthday to the Crystalinks readers born in Virgo.

Virgo is a mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury.

Virgo Transition