Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It's Complicated ...

The expression "It's complicated" can refer to relationships and other things in which people interact and try to maintain balance. When you think about it, aren't most things in our lives complicated and getting more so as the hologram follows the same patterns to closure?

You've all heard, and perhaps used that expression in the past when things in your life get messy or unexplainable. As we live in a network of grids - our lives often get entangled and complicated - without resolution.

Tangled networks ... people sometimes say that life was easier when they were younger. That may be true for some but today technology makes our lives so much easier ... when it works. In duality - even those things that help us evolve - from the esoteric to the physical - have positives and negatives which while helping can complicate a situation. Look at all the trouble people on social media get themselves into.

No one lives in an uncomplicated world anymore. If the climate and natural disasters don't get you, something else will.

When one is programmed for analytical and critical thinking - things get complicated especially as fractured souls attach their grids to people with "like experiences". It's not opposites that attract, but people of like mind programmed for the same experiences.

Don't overthink. Don't meditate. Don't dream on it. Don't use an oracle of divination. We are beyond that for decision making. Complications will end as is programmed - (above consciousness) and below (your physical experiences).

If you can't make a decision about something, don't make it complicated, just move on to avoid stress which -> illness on all levels. The more intuitive you are, the less likely to attract complicated situations with detrimental outcomes. It's common sense. The more complicated your brain chemistry - the more complicated your experiences. Psychology (now Metaphysics) 101 (binary code) ... If you are programmed for complicated patterns, you will never be happy without them. Understand yourself (programming).

People find fault in everything adding to the complication factor. Social media venting and bullying is an unfortunate part of that. No one knows the facts of someone's experiences and relationships except for the people experiencing them up and make things more complicated than they are based on their emotional programming. It's the stuff that people go to shrinks for and even an visit to psychics to bring clarity to confusion.

The more unstable people in your life the more likely it is to be complicated. Even the journey into metaphysics as it's complicated issues depending on the person's objectivity and what they seek. A balanced mind will create few complicated situations whereas the unstable people can't live without them.

Looking at your life today. What's complicated? For me ... Nothing. I don't need to figure out the complications of the world or other's lives. That's their programmed realities and nothing that I can do will change anything. As a psychic I can help people understand the complications in their lives, how they came to be, and the positive or negative way they will do, but only their programming can take away the complications. Understanding the human dynamic is an age old process and it's complicated.

Never forget, reality is an algorithm that creates complications for experience...