Thursday, August 4, 2016

Topics I am avoiding
for now

because you've got them covered.

- Politics - chaos grows worse. Trump won't quit. Hillary not healthy. Remember this is all orchestrated.

- Terrorism and Insanity

- Racial unrest

- Zika Virus

- Dramas at the 2016 Summer Olympics

- Job/career change - new business move - after the election

- Self help - redundant and just good old common sense

- Relationship - Either it works or it doesn't. Not for everyone

- College - No need to blog about majoring in something that creates a career after graduation. Parents and Students got it ...

August 5-21, 2016

2016 Summer Olympics   Wikipedia

2016 Summer

Tony Bennett turned 90 on August 3, 2016

Tony Bennett

  Tony Bennett Google Videos

Tony Bennett is an award winning American singer. Discography

NBC Special Celebrates Tony Bennett's 90th Birthday With Lady Gaga, Elton John & Others  
Deadline Hollywood - August 3, 2016

To work is to feel alive.

Tony Bennett Quotes