Saturday, August 20, 2016


When you meet someone, how do you greet them? hello? hi? Hello, how are you? How ya' doing? I tend to just smile and say Hi. One day I noticed that most people say, "Hello, how are you?" be they interested or not. This is also true with email. I thought about this and realized that I don't ask how people are because ... I can see/sense if there is problem ... I read people for a living and really don't want to hear about other's issues and dramas unless I am going through something with them ... which I also tend to avoid. I continue on my merry way with a smile and if you see expect a friendly smile and "Hi". That feels right or maybe it's a New York Thing.

Ah...a greeting from tmy neighborhood or another galaxy/insert.

Response to this is, "What's happening?"

Here's what's happening ... Friday night "Ancient Alien" presented an episode with a familiar ring Beyond Roswell covering - Roswell, other global UFO crashes, resulting coverups, and reverse engineering that lead to current technologies to advance humans in their evolution - patterns within patterns to reach a final destination/ designation.

Why do I always go back to the 1940's, mirroring many of the current-day UFO scenarios? It's the timeline that set everything in motion for this experiment- one of many junctures. It's about temporal distortions - easily recognized by some today but not by most. This was one of endless scenarios instantly orchestrated by the hologram on multiple levels in which we partake ... about to end. Why am I always so sure? Because I was there in one form or another.

It was 6:30 AM as I lay in bed watching the episode. A bit bored I closed my eyes though not sleepy after nine hours of rest. Suddenly the voices on my TV faded replaced by images and tones ... some relatable some not as I realized I was watching a time-stream ... back to the beginning ... we are on track ... a message set and received.

It was time to start the day as a painter was coming early to work in my apartment. My thoughts were more about the convoluted experiences in the hologram and how easily human attention is diverted from real fact to busy work. Human design, with all those flaws, is indeed interesting, complicated, and in many ways a magnificent thought project. It was not a mistake.