Wednesday, August 17, 2016


As an NBC girl, I was waiting for this. I told my cousin Mindy in LA - who feels the same - to be patient because Brian will be back with his own show.

  Brian Williams Is Said to Get MSNBC Show   New York Times - August 16, 2016
Brian Williams is getting his own half-hour time slot on MSNBC between Labor Day and Election Day, a network executive confirmed Tuesday. Williams will anchor a special 11 p.m. program summing up the day's campaign news. CNNMoney first reported on the plan for the program on Monday night. It had been under consideration for weeks inside MSNBC. Williams won't quite be in "late night" -- competing directly with the likes of Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, who come on at 11:35 p.m. -- but he will wrap up the day for MSNBC.

Paul Manafort looks life a Mafia boss from my neighborhood. Everything about him spells "Shady". He has made too many faux pas in recent weeks - not to forget the endless ones attributed to Donald Trump. Crooked Hillary. Crooked Trump. Crooked Manafort. Yes indeedy. Politics and life do not run a straight course. It is all crooked.
Watch the video.
  Trump campaign undergoes major overhaul   CNN - August 17, 2016
Donald Trump's campaign is undergoing a major staff shakeup with less than three months to Election Day, adding two officials to top posts overseeing his struggling campaign.


Extratemporal - something that appears to happen outside of time. Time travel. A form of teleportation.

Extratemporal - consciousness grid travel - Beyond the Temple (Brain)

Do extratemporal spacecraft exist? If you answered yes .. can you fly one with your mind? Describe.

Roswell. Aliens from future Earth. The Grays (future us) returning to alter human evolution. Positives and Negatives. Configure outcome.

Time travel scenarios. Stranger Dimensions.

Einstein. Stephen Hawking. ABC

Time Travel - Crystalinks

WWII experiments altered the space-time continuum: Results unknown. Still manifesting in this timeline. Ponder.

Philadelphia Experiment: If this was 1943 - where are we today? Crystalinks -- Wikipedia

Flight MH370 disappeared. One of many secret government projects. Coverups. Collusion.

Do we belong in/to this Space-Time? No. Where? When? Time Travel Device. Simulation Chamber.

Codes and Combination Locks for

Sphinx and Related Myths and Metaphors

Coming or going?

Coming or going?

Email from George ....
Has anyone noticed the Fall TV series that have "temporal" themes?

I have, George.

Here are some links for your readers.

Thanks, George ... Soon we'll be able to time travel consciously.

Then, there's the lucid dream show Falling Water.

Three strangers realize they are dreaming parts of the same dream.
As they delve deeper into the meaning behind their connection to each other,
they realize that the implications are much larger than their personal fates,
and the future of the world lies in their hands. -- Shades of the film "Inception."

August 18, 2016

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 25° Aquarius