Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday Themes

Today, the world mourns the loss of Gene Wilder - a man who loved to make people laugh and was extremely talented.

Also making us giggle - though not actually funny - is a third sexting scandal (digital cheating) by Anthony Weiner as his wife Huma Abedin left him at a critical time in the Clinton campaign. At the time of the first scandal I knew he would never change and it was time for her to move on though she was pregnant and probably hoping things could work out. Politics is forever laced with scandals and conspiracies.

The end of summer brings huge change ... this year focusing on relationships. It's not easy to end a relationship no matter what the circumstances. It's particularly more difficult for the person who wants to stay, while the other person either seeks freedom or is already involved with somebody else. Leaving a relationship brings up issues from failed prior relationships. One may think they've healed, but have they? This time of the year also reunites couples who have not been together for decades but found each other again through social media or another way. This may have to do with bringing closure, or for some couples, creating something new. The New Moon 9° Virgo Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde stir things up for resolution.

This is the last official week of the summer of 2016 in the United States. Thousands of people are away on vacations returning this weekend. Not guided to go anywhere special this year I will finally head out to Connecticut for my grandson Matthew's bar mitzvah - gone for four days with all my children. The weather in the Northeast looks good but elsewhere things are not quite as positive with two hurricanes on the move ...