Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Last of the Seltzermen

When I was growing up there was no bottled water but here in Brooklyn
one could always find a bottle of seltzer delivered by the friendly seltzerman.
This was especially refreshing in the summer when you were schvitzing.

The Last of the Seltzermen   CNN - August 18, 2016


Mysterianism is a philosophical position proposing that the hard problem of consciousness cannot be resolved by humans. The unresolvable problem is how to explain the existence of qualia (individual instances of subjective, conscious experience). In terms of the various schools of philosophy of mind, mysterianism is a form of nonreductive physicalism. Some "mysterians" state their case uncompromisingly. Colin McGinn has said that consciousness is a mystery that human intelligence will never unravel. Others believe that consciousness is not within the grasp of present human understanding, but may be comprehensible to future advances of science and technology. Read more

World's Smartest Physicist Thinks Science Can't Crack Consciousness   Scientific American - August 18, 2016

String theorist Edward Witten says consciousness will remain a mystery. Some mind-ponderers, notably philosopher Colin McGinn, argue that consciousness is unsolvable. Philosopher Owen Flanagan calls these pessimists mysterians, after the 60Õs-era rock group Question Mark and the Mysterians. Recently, physicist Edward Witten came out as a mysterian. Witten is regarded with awe by his fellow physicists, some of whom have compared him to Einstein and Newton. He is largely responsible for the popularity of string theory over the past several decades. String theory holds that all of nature's forces stem from infinitesimal particles wriggling in a hyperspace consisting of many extra dimensions.

Reality is a Consciousness Hologram

The Holographic Universe