Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sometimes truth is stranger than "science" fiction

In my wake-up dream, I was on a UFO. Hillary and Trump had been beamed up. We were all seated at a shiny round black table in what felt like home - or a familiar work space. I could sense that a holographic consciousness creates this space for me as needed ... and that it may not exist anywhere. I wasn't Ellie but they saw me as her.

Here we go ... Trump unusually quiet ... both seemingly unafraid and eager to start. I explained the rules. Conversation would be limited to answering my questions only. One by one we discussed the topics of the day .... as unbeknownst to them the world below watched on their devices and learned the truth. I woke up after a "time" not remembering exact details. Did this really happen somewhere out there? Not sure ... but I wish it would happen here as things grow worse day by day ...