Thursday, November 29, 2012

Before leaving ...

In the energies of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, I am ready to fly out to southern California tomorrow. I'm not a last-minute person, so am good-to-go and look forward to another adventure in the grids. While I'm gone, I'll email photos to George who will post them here, with accompanying text.

In the eclipse energies, I saw the Starchild from "2001 (2012) a Space Odyssey" - "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" - and thousands of people meditating ... reality preparing the souls. As always, it's about the cycles of experience in linear time.

On the home front ... I met a woman in her 30's, in a local store, who told me what it's like to shop for children's toys in 2012. You would think Amazon would be the best place to go, but she said local stores have better offers ... the problem ... the popular items are sold out weeks before the holidays. After listening to her, I was glad those days are behind me. Either my children pick the gifts ... or I give them money.

With Mercury Retrograde behind us, I am hearing a mix of stories from friends, family and clients. The good news - jobs are moving forward for the people I know, even in this bad economy. The bad news - lots of deaths this past week. One friend lost 4 people in his family. My cousin Howard lost his first daughter, Stephanie, to cancer 7 years ago. Last week, he lost his other daughter, Wendy, to cancer also. How sad is that!?

On a happier note for two people out there ... Did you play Powerball? I'm not supposed to win, so I never play, but it's always fun to image what winning that much money would be like.