Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Quickies

It's Cyber Monday and the shoppers are out. There really are great bargains out there, especially at Amazon. Last week, they were selling my cellphone for $49. Check it out.

Exciting game last night as the NY Giants beat the Green Bay Packers 38-10 at MetLife Stadium. Eli Manning became the franchise's all-time leader in TD passes with 200, one more than Phil Simms. Remember him? I watched the game with Z. As far back as I remember, Z always seems to bring the Giants good luck. These are the current football standings ...

Here in Brooklyn ... at Barclays Center ... let's play basketball ... New York, New York: Knicks, Nets meet Monday   FOX - November 26, 2012

Sunday, I opened my large suitcase for the first time since my trip to San Francisco in May 2007. Low and behold, hidden in one of those small pouches, I found a video my friend Mike gave me, along with a small DVD player, for that trip. That was before iPads. The name of the video Fire in the Sky. :)

Adventures in the Grids

I asked Z about my trip and he showed me an image that looked like a balloon with air releasing from its opening at 7:00 ... blowing downward. I thought that was very strange even for Z, until I started preparing images for my workshop on Sunday, and found the image below - a black hole highlighted by its event horizon. This is how we return home - fade to black - eye of the galaxy. If you recall my blogs from October 2011, I found myself sitting on the event horizon of a black hole and have remained there ever since. As I currently read the codes, something is about to happen, at least for me.