Sunday, November 11, 2012

This Weekend in the Hologram

11/11 Veteran's Day in the U.S.

US Veterans Day

Veterans Day is the anniversary of the ending of World War I.
The major hostilities ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

Remembering ... those who served in many wars

The Generals and how they will be remembered

November 11, 1885 - December 21, 1945

George S. Patton

  George S. Patton Google Videos

George Smith Patton - "Old Blood and Guts" - was a leading U.S. Army general in
World War II in campaigns in North Africa, Sicily, France, and Germany, 1943-1945.

Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men.

It is the spirit of the men who follow,
and of the man who leads, that gains that victory.

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David Petraeus - The Affairs of Government

My take on David Petraeus, 60 ... he is great at his job and probably shouldn't have been fired as so many men have affairs. He married the wrong woman, stayed too long because of the children, was married to his work, and away from home a good deal of the time. He met a younger woman - Paula Broadwell, 40 - they shared a strong karmic connection ... and one thing lead to another ... something neither one of them expected at the onset. Paula loves her family but also found a soulmate in David. Did their partners suspect ... most likely. How many times have I heard this scenario with clients or seen it in films? You stay in a relationship for the family but find a soulmate outside of the home. Happens all the time. So what comes next as we follow this soap opera? Many people will ask is, "David, why did you betray us?"

Who is Paula Broadwell?   Washington Post

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As director of the CIA - can you imagine the secrets Petraeus knows about UFOs and cover-ups going back decades and what might he have shared with Broadwell?

What's flying over Denver? Very cool video below, but still no contact.

Maybe the aliens are just stopping by to get some weed now that it's legal in Colorado.
That could explain why they maneuver UFOs the way they do.
Joking aside - these are government ships getting high.