Friday, November 9, 2012

The Simulation

Over in Arizona my grandchildren, Joie
and Vanni, explore a hurricane simulation.
Art imitates life ...

Life is a simulation set in time
from which we will soon be released.

Friday November 9, 2012

I've gone off topic this week, not focusing on storms Sandy and Athena, and their aftermaths, but news coverage seems to sum up it all up as events continue. There are so many stories about people now finding a way to make a difference. The patterns of reality have always been about destruction and recovery to bond a human connection in a positive way that heals the emotions with "unconditional love." Many hold the theory that what would truly bond us as as species would be an extraterrestrial presence. Hmmm... Never say never ... Read the grids ...

Wednesday night's nor'easter brought about 4 inches of snow to Bay Ridge, which is almost melted. As far as I know, there were no power outages, or other loss of services that plague neighboring communities. One could say I am protected ... for a reason. My daughters in NJ and CT have also been lucky with power and fuel, though their local communities struggle with loss.

Everyday I hear stories about destroyed homes, businesses, employees let go as their place of work was destroyed, and more. In an already desolated economy, things continue to deteriorate. The saddest stories come from my friends who work in health care - hospitals, EMS, etc.

I learned first hand about schools, hospitals, and even something as trivial as the local mall being flooded. I'm not sure about Fort Hamilton, down the block, as platoons of rescue vehicles drive out every morning on their way with supplies to local beach areas that look like a war zone. It's amazing that humans are guided to live on or near water, beachfront property, and yet in the end, all gets swept away.

What seems surreal to me is the amount of destruction in Staten Island and New Jersey - things that I generally watch on the news around the world - but are never this close to home. People are getting the message that Earth changes are here and accelerating on a global scale. There are still those who believe that current events are isolated incidents, but that is no longer the case as everything is connected.

Since this all began, I haven't driven much, conserving my full tank of gas, except to run errands in the neighborhood. As you know fuel is another major problem, so I feel it should go to people who need it a whole lot more than I do.

Would you believe it's less than two weeks till Thanksgiving? Not much joy for so many people around the country this year. Name one thing you were thankful for this year. For me ... knowing how close we are to the end.

In truth, not to sound insensitive, my focus isn't here in the simulation, never has been. There are many messages coming to me now that relate to current events, just at another level of consciousness. That which I was programmed to do here is showing itself and guides my journey now.