Friday, November 2, 2012

Ellie Reporting on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Friday November 2

As the days progress, people crippled by the storm feel helpless and often hopeless. These are the times people band together setting aside political, economic, and social issues, for in the long run they will signify nothing. We are just souls having a physical experience that is about to evolve back to light in the chaos of our creation.

Below me, the sounds of emergency vehicles continues. This week I read clients in 5 foreign countries - all of who tapped into the energies of the storm via our phone conversations and the external sounds of reality shifting into its final phase.

For thousands still stranded in the aftermath of the storm, the need to get to safe areas is challenged by diminishing supplies of gasoline, some lines miles long as drivers wait hours for what could be their last hope. Those who finally get gas have headed west staying wherever they find a safe haven until power is restored and things start to move forward. Each day, I hear wild stories about destruction and rescue attempts. Who would believe this is Manhattan and New Jersey in 2012? The part of the human brain that says, "It will all get better and be okay", is faced by yet another reality check and thoughts of survival. Many areas look and feel like an apocalyptic film, reminding one again of end times disasters as wake-up messages. I knew Scorpio would hit hard, but this is amazing with more to come in Mercury Retrograde.

Another issue that has divided New Yorkers is Sunday's New York Marathon - should it be run or not? For those who say yes citing that the race boosts morale - stand opposed to others who say we have far more pressing issues - which I agree. You have to wonder if the international runners, who came here each year, have even made it to the city. This is Mercury Retrograde - repetition and delays.

Photos of Sandy

Manhattan - a city divided

Manhattan Bridge and the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan

A rainbow and looming clouds appear over the sky in New York's Manhattan after the hurricane stormed the city

A fire broke out in Breezy Point, Queens, destroying between 80 and 100 houses

Destruction at Breezy Point

Flooding in Long Beach

Beached: A 168-foot water tanker, the John B. Caddell, sits on the shore where it ran
aground on Front Street in the Stapleton neighborhood of New York's Staten Island

Fleet in the floods: Yellow cabs in a parking lot are surrounded by water after Superstorm Sandy struck Hoboken, New Jersey

Cars float up from a car garage in a mixture of floodwater and gasoline in lower Manhattan as workers begin the process of pumping out the mess

Uprooted tree not far from my home in Bay Ridge Brooklyn

Flooding in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn

Trying to find food without power in Tribecca (lower Manhattan)

Brooklyn Battery Tunnel flooded with its financial heart in Lower Manhattan shuttered -
a seawater cascading into the still-gaping construction pit at the World Trade Center

Water rushes into the Carey Tunnel - previously the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

The lobby of Verizon's Corporate headquarters in Manhattan - headquarters house executive offices as well
as some of the company's key telecom equipment that supports services to New York's financial district.

The East Village

Flooded subway station - one of many across the city above and below the ground.

Waters from Hurricane Sandy rushing in to the Hoboken PATH train station through an elevator shaft in New Jersey

Manhattan - A building that had its facade ripped off

The dangling crane in Manhattan

Seaside, New Jersey

Former Boardwalk at Atlantic City