Thursday, November 15, 2012


In recent days we have seen earthquakes along the Pacific Rim of Central and South America. This is will all culminate with a major tsunami (flood stories) in the end. In two weeks, I travel to southern California and feel safe in that timeline, but very soon that window will close.

Quake shakes west and central Mexico; no reports of significant damage   Washington Post - November 15, 2012
A magnitude-6.0 earthquake set off alarms in Mexico's capital on Thursday, but there were no reports of injuries or significant damage.

There's a Song in my Head

Brain Waves Transformed into Music   Live Science - November 15, 2012

Ever wondered what your brain sounds like when it thinks? Researchers in China did - so they invented a way to translate the brain's waves into music. In initial attempts, the scientists had ended up with tunes that were jangly and sometimes discordant, but more recently they discovered a way to make brain music sound better by combining data from the brain's electrical impulses with brain blood-flow measurements. Besides combining science with art, the researchers hope that, one day, brain music can be used to help people control their brain waves, easing conditions such as anxiety and depression.


Many of us replay familiar song in our minds throughout the day. It keeps us balanced, our emotions in check, and is often part of the healing process. Music goes back to the original harmonics - binary codes - where creation began and continues to program who we are and what we experience. Brain waves vibrate at different frequencies, or patterns, which align with our DNA codes for experience at a given moment. As vibrating frequencies, brain waves, or electrical signals, can be translated into music in the endless quest to learn more about the human brain.

The Brain - Binary Code [0's and 1's]

Reality - Fibonacci Sequence [0, 1, 1] - Back to 0

You are a computer simulation.