Saturday, November 17, 2012

Carpe Diem

In life, we learn to "seize the moment" but always understand the day will come when everything will change. It may a relationship, a career, a neighborhood, a style, or as simple as life as you know it ... but that day always comes. These events are what we call markers and forever change our destines. They define who we are and allow us to remember. They take us full circle to another space-time in which we belong.

Lots of awakening events happened in 2012 that lead us to greater understanding that the program is closing ... and now comes the most important of all ... No more Twinkies. :)
How many of you grew up on hostess products? Alas ... all good things come to an end. Only recently, just before Hurricane Sandy, I was guided to buy a box of Twinkies ... not knowing how symbolic it was.