Sunday, November 4, 2012

New York Marathon

Friday, after the race was canceled, I told George I still see the runners out there though not a competition. They had come from far and wide and it was time to make a difference. Today is sunny and chilly - the perfect autumn day for a race.

Disappointed NYC marathoners to run in aid of Sandy victims   Reuters - November 4, 2012

Hundreds of runners in New York City are refusing to let a canceled marathon spoil their Sunday plans and are channeling months of preparation into informal runs intended to benefit victims of superstorm Sandy.

US Presidential Election 2012

Fade to Black Election

Only two days to go - not just for the election - but to finally have a reprieve from the campaigning. Neither candidate will change things as the hologram is collapsing ... so let's get on with it. Scorpio continues to rise which takes us to all thing related to the Masonic Program stretching from its origins in the Middle East to global End Times - symbolism, secret societies and doctrines, conspiracies, you name it.

On Election Day, Mercury, now stationary, goes Retrograde at 4° Sagittarius (repetitions and delays) at 6:04pm EST -- retrograding back to 18° Scorpio on November 26 at 5:48pm EST. Anything and everything can happen now. The race is in a dead heat as it should be in Mercury Retrograde. The last time Mercury was retrograde during a presidential election was 12 years ago - George Bush vs. Al Gore - and you remember how close those results were. Mercury is Hermes the Trickster so be prepared for anything. We've got Earth changes, political and economic changes and more. Follow the news ...

Hurricane Sandy - Ellie Reporting from Brooklyn

October 28 - November 4, 2012