Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Michael Luckman

Check Mike's apartment in the video above.
This was recorded before Hurricane Sandy which left the village without power.

OK ET buffs ... while we're out here in the cosmos this week, I received the following email from a friend who goes back to the 1980's after meeting at a MUFON conference in the city - researcher Michael Luckman. Mike and I tend to meet up every once in a while ... today being one of those days. So Mike wants to be the "voice of end times" ... sounds like a plan to me.

Mike's email today

    Hi Ellie: I ran across your website the other day and thought that it was time to reestablish contact. My latest project, "Radio Doomsday Live," is broadcast every Thursday at 12 Midnight Eastern Time on BBSRadio.com (Station 2). A GlobalPost.com video report about "Radio Doomsday Live" was recently featured on the official NASDAQ Stock Exchange website. My new website is: cosmicmajority.org All of my programs are archived there. Please check them out.

    Best wishes,

I called Mike to catch up ... and we discussed four major threads.

1. Media and websites - Mike has always sought out the limelight, and has worked hard this year to get into the press again. He was excited about his new website for 2012 and wanted to share.

2. UFOs and aliens - they are everywhere, witnessed by millions of people and will come into physical reality at the end. I say they are consciousness ships that monitor and create the hologram at the physical level - not aliens, unless you take this to the Anunnaki. Mike sees ETs on the ships, making themselves known. They are just myths like Zeus and Ra and the rest. We talked about the TV series Ancient Aliens agreeing that some of what they believe is true ... but not everything.

3. End Times ... each of us gave our personal interpretations. Mike talked about the usual stuff ... some people die ... some live on to rebuild ... you know the drill. Pole shifts highlight a lot for me lately, but they are just another aspect of end times. Mike had never considered that "everything" ends as we exist in the matrix ... so I explained the facts of life to him ... Ellie style. Mike listened very intently ... and I knew I was triggering his memory. He said that I was the first person to mention the concept of reality as a hologram to him and found my explanation about things intriguing enough to have me on his show some time in the future. Future? Ellie stay up to midnight to do a radio show? We agreed that it would have to be pre-recorded, no date set.

4. December 21, 2012 -- Over at the A.R.E. Center, Mike plans a big event where he will discuss his theories for two hours and sponsor entertainment. It was at this point in our conversation that I knew December 21, 2012 was the wrong date ... the right ballpark maybe ... but wrong date. I said nothing, just felt it would be a fun evening if we're here that long.