Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ellie Reporting on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Thursday November 1

Slowly the gears of time are starting to move forward once again as people affected by the storm adjust to current changes. Many areas still resemble a war zone, especially in New Jersey. Just as we remember former Mayor Rudy Giuliani after 9/11, we will remember New Jersey governor Chris Christie's tireless efforts during this time.

For many, time off from work this week is like a mental health break from every-day life and they are enjoying it. For those who like to be busy, being taken out of their daily routines is having a negative mental effect and it shows.

The storm has brought people together in most unusual ways most often on a positive note. The storm has brought friends and neighbors closer in many cases and created new relationships. There are "storm parties" or just people having time on their hands sharing a bottle of wine and their lives with others ... until their normal routines resume.

End time theories: In 2011-2012, I told all of my clients to pay attention to changes in climate, weather patterns, etc., and if they were awakened enough - to watch as end times play out in the hologram. They would understand based on their programming, but at least a seed was planted as the hologram closes. The more one understands the nature of reality in all its complexities, the easier it is to see the truth behind the illusion and understand it from other levels. You become the observer.

I've noticed many black birds flying by today - not normal is my area. That can't be good. To me black birds always symbolizes death. Today is the Day of the Dead.

On the matter of the US presidential election - I wouldn't want that job for any amount of money - but someone is programmed to do it. Next week will be very interesting.

We are coming to the 3 stationary days before Mercury Retrograde which are very powerful - so be careful.

Beware of ...

Floods are creating problems people never considered such as rodents who live in the city sewers now coming to the surface.

Vulnerable people can easily be taken advantage of by scammers - mostly in the construction business. People representing themselves as FEMA, asking for personal information, could result in theft identity. Looting continues as police and national guard try to prevent crimes. This morning I watched a convoy from Fort Hamilton drive by. You have to wonder about hidden government projects suddenly exposed as a result of the storm.