Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Memoes

The way I figure it, in the choices provided as one hologram moves to another - or closes at the end of the physical reality experiments - we can either have flood stories or an ice age or both. This version of the human biogenetic experiment seems to end in flood stories where both sides of the Atlantic are hit by megastorms ... and in the duality of our electromagnetic energy program ... the Pacific Ring of Fire faces flooding from tsunamis. The poles are about to shift ... the sun is about to come roaring back to life as it is indeed the lion ... the tectonic plates are broken ... aliens are running the projection room, and all we can do is get ready to take a leap of faith when all fades to black.

The Nazi Bell Experiments

Thursday November 8, 2012

Now that my bells and whistles are going off, we come to other synchronicities. End times always take me to a portal that opens to the Nazi labs during WW II, as I transport back there when the program fades to black. We always go back to the labs.

Today, a friend named Gloria mentioned spending time on the winter solstice (December 21, 2012) at the Newport Tower in Rhode Island and invited me, though she knows I work alone.

Checking google I found this image of the tower.

The Nazi Bell - Die Glocke

As soon as I saw the image my mind flipped to end times, Nazi time travel experiments, and the Nazi Bell - a time machine or worm hole generator pictured above. I don't have to physically travel to see the henge which is located in Poland, but there is a connection to my life as a physicist in Nazi Germany. It's not the physical evidence but how it helps me remember and associate the references. Gloria mentioned a geometric connection of the Newport Tower with Montauk (Experiments), which also have to do with time travel. I know I don't have to travel anywhere for answers anymore, but my childhood visions, and later regressions into that part of the grid, allow me to know a portal is about to open and answers given. So why am I going back. Everyone who worked in the labs, who I have met physically as Ellie Crystal, says that a correction has to be made to stop the endless loops we have been stuck in for ... not sure how long.

The Nazi Bell [0:45]

Close Encounters

It would seem George and I are not the only ones "seeing" UFOs. Many wonder if they are monitoring and controlling the current Earth changes - and I would say Yes. That's why they remained here after the creation of our consciousness grid reality. They are not actually closer, it's just the raising of our frequency awareness that brings them into view. Wednesday, while talking to George, I saw the "music bars" from Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Soundtrack - the "five-tone" motif. They kept repeating the same sequence at even intervals and were all white. So many messages ... so little time.

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