Sunday, February 21, 2016

And the winners are ...

Saturday night was filled with excitement, as we learned the outcome of the South Carolina primary and the Nevada caucus. Hillary needed this win and she got it by a narrow margin. Don't give up on Bernie. We got rid of the Bushes and look forward to getting rid of the Clintons. It was not surprising that Jeb Bush dropped out... Bye bye, Bush family.

Moving forward the Republican field continues to narrow eventually leaving Trump, Cruz, and Rubio. Someone suggested John Kasich would be an excellent Vice President and I agree. I watched it all on MSNBC anchored by Brian Williams (I wish they would give him a regular show again) - with some very interesting commentary by Nicolle Wallace, Andrea Mitchell, and Chuck Todd from Meet The Press who continues the narrative this morning. Also, on CNN at 9am ... Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are guests on "State of the Union".

It's obvious from all things shared that America is going through a political revolution where the unpredictable rules. Listening to Donald Trump's speech last night was very moving. But as with all of the candidates in the past ... their hopes and dreams and promises are huge but they are generally victims of the system. People look to Trump as if he was an independent candidate who's going to do everything in his power to bring greatness to the country ... and that's what he's triggering in human consciousness ... among other things yet to be revealed.

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Hillary won the Nevada Caucus. The heaviest turnout is Clark county which
includes Las Vegas and Area 51. Does that mean aliens got the right to vote?
So much talk about illegal aliens ...
On to Super Tuesday, March 1