Friday, February 26, 2016


Thursday night the GOP candidates debated issues in their usual fashion. With the stakes high for a narrowed field of candidates, Rubio turned the tables on Trump, attacking the front-runner from the start. Ted Cruz joined in, calling Mr. Trump a closet liberal, which I actually believe he is ... potato ... po-ta-to. Did anyone win? Does it matter until the final count is in?

I fast forwarded through Cruz and Rubio's attacks at Trump and listened to comments on resolving issues. John Kasich looked tired next to the front runners as if he was just set in place as part of a political agenda most of you have pieced together. Rubio seemed to be trying to give life support to a flawed and failing Republican party. It's going to be very interesting in the months ahead when the final candidate is chosen and these men will more or less be required to stand behind the chosen Republican. Why oh why does Conservatism still exist in 2016 when everything and everyone in the world is changing and evolving? Why do people oppose abortion? Don't they know how horrific the alternatives are? And so the reality TV season of Politics in 2016 continues on Saturday in South Carolina and then on Super Tuesday.

Also to be noted in end times ... mass shootings and insanity continue ... along with all the other issues that face the world that even Donald Trump wouldn't be able to make a dent in. With all that happens we realize more and more how little we know as citizens and as a species stuck in this reality. If Donald Trump came forth with the truth about human-alien interactions - he would be unstoppable. If there's one final thing President Obama should do is tell the truth ... but he won't. He says it's because he's not allowed to ... probably referring to the theory that humans would not be able to deal with how they've been f***ed over. We already know. Can you imagine the overly religious having to integrate ETs into the truth (or not) of their dogma?

Top secret UFO documents 'prove Britain's biggest alien sighting was real' claims US naval officer   MSN - February 26, 2016

Make no mistake about this. This is the approved, slow release, albeit limited right now, disclosure (small d) of ETs, and technologies that we currently, secretly (from the public) have. If you observe all the information currently being released, you'll connect the dots and see that a tapestry or story is being relayed, much faster now, than in prior years. Now, NASA is saying we can send payment loads to Mars IN THREE DAYS.