Thursday, February 4, 2016

The NYC Trolley Engine
That Could .... Return

When I was a little girl living in Coney Island, Brooklyn - several of the major streets - such as Coney Island Avenue - had trolleys that ran through the borough. I remember the trolleys clearly and enjoyed riding on them to my grandma's house in Brighton Beach, among other areas. Eventually, the trolleys were removed - the tracks paved over or ripped up - the overhead cables dismantled.

Welcome to my childhood

For decades, I didn't ride a trolley (cable car) until visiting San Francisco in 2007.

Now Mayor De Blasio wants to bring trolleys back by 2024
linking the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.
Frankly I think there are better things to do with the money and
the train tracks along the streets are hazardous. Just saying ...
All About the Trolley

February 4, 2004

Facebook is launched

Facebook turns 12    Google News

Facebook turns 12 today. It's been an interesting journey
that has created friendships, united lost friends and family, and
opened many doors to the multiply facets of reality we experience.