Saturday, February 20, 2016


Cool Video of Contrails over the Verrazano Bridge Saturday Morning

It's a gorgeous day in the city as I continue my birthday adventures with local friends. It feels nice when the weather warms up as most people talk about spring arriving soon. Times are often hard for people these days but many have wonderful things to share. I'm not talking about spiritual enlightenment or any of that kind of stuff. It's just finding a way to gain balance in one's life and being lucky enough to maintain it. Just go with the simple things and avoid stress. When clients tell me about the things they do in the course of their day, week, and so on, I am amazed, and yet not surprised, that so many people are crossing over at a young age. It's stress and, of course, programming.

Speaking of stress ... I'm not sure how the candidates do it but the beat goes on ... day after day. Some are developing ... or trying to develop ... a sense of style and humor which makes them look silly to say the least. If they were auditioning ... none of them would make it with the possible exception of Donald Trump ... but they are trying as talk show hosts make fun of them. What role would you cast Donald in? Keep it clean! Maybe he was a Pharaoh in another lifetime which begs the question ... how many candidates do you think have an "Aha" (first dynasty) Moment as things progress? Oh well ... for now, the hologram seems to have chosen Trump to lead us ... to the end of the line ... seriously. We continue to watch, laugh, pay attention, comment, etc.

Did you ever stop to think about the discussions the candidates have with their spouses and other family members when they're behind closed doors? What are Bill and Hillary talking about and how stressful is that for both of them? EMS should be part of Bill's security team. I wouldn't want to have Sunday dinner at the Bush household. How many of their immediate families are part of the strategies of the campaigns? How about the stresses of campaigning for pregnant Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump? The girls both look happy and healthy but no one can feel well while out on the campaign trail.

Elections are most often associated with Tuesdays ... but not today. Primaries and caucuses are often of little interest unless you live in the state they happen ... but not today. Eyes on South Carolina and Nevada today ...This year people are paying attention to presidential contests - perhaps making bets on the outcome of each debate, primary, and caucus as they unfold. 2016 has changed Americans' perspectives on everything from the failure of the establishment to wondering if any of the candidates can resolve the issues. (We already know the answer to that.) Things are political ... and often politically correct, which is about doing favors, taking bribes, and more to get things done that are not in the best interests of the people.

People ask me why I'm favoring Donald Trump. I guess they don't read my blogs. I still think he's the best of the bunch but leaves a lot to be desired. All I want is a President programmed to tell the truth about conspiracies. Sadly, I don't think he's on the ticket or even exists. Many of you have hoped that someone will turn everything around, particularly the economy, but remember to stay pragmatic and where we are all going. ... No, I don't mean to hell although I think many say it's this experience in physical reality.