Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It's rating sweeps month and with that, the battle of the networks moves forward. I have many recorded shows to watch and being as busy as I am, not enough time. Carpe diem ... yes, I plan to watch them today. Monday night, I chose other shows over the Grammy's but plan to watch them later. The highlights are in the news. I also decided to check up on one of my favorite TV shows - Person of interest - no date as yet set but I am hopeful for the spring line-up. Lots of favorite TV shows will return in March. A few shows I enjoyed in the past, such as "How to get away with Murder" will no longer going to be recorded because the characters and story lines are getting ridiculous to me.

We move to ongoing political battles unfolding like reality shows reminding me why I never followed politics and reality TV until non-establishment candidates decided to run in 2015-16. Nothing was more disgusting to me yesterday then seeing George Bush, GW Bush, and Jeb Bush supporting each other. Barf moment. Wait there is something worse ... Bill Clinton and his gravelly voice as if he returned from the dead ... now on the campaign trail to help Hillary. Barf... Reality check moment... The RNC has not been fair to Donald Trump much the same way Megan Kelly treated him in the first debate. I think they don't consider him a serious candidate and are trying to get rid of him by non-support. As they say, "What goes around, comes around," and he has a good chance of winning. Further, the way the political system worked in the past, is not gonna happen in the future ... everything is changing.

Next we have judicial battles that go beyond replacing Supreme Court Justice Scalia. Legal issues seem to take a backseat in the cold winter months as the Supreme Court takes a recess and those who would go out and protest stay indoors due to the weather. The Spring of 2016 should be very interesting with judicial and social issues in focus.

Last but not least we have the battle of my clients meaning they are dealing with their issues in ways they never anticipated in the past ... as the quest for mission and purpose overrides their karma or programming - or are they the same? Yup ... The same. What battles are you dealing with emotionally now? How responsible do you feel towards the things that were once so important to you? Has your value system changed?

David, my client on Sunday, called yesterday to thank me for his reading. He said the turning point in our session came when he asked me how often I meditate. My answer was ... "Never". After years of searching - including owning a healing center - that answer in that moment - was his trigger to understand he no longer has to search in the illusion of time and space. Too much questing and listening to theories can drive a person crazy thus bringing more conflicting thoughts and challenges than when the person began.

I told him what I tell everyone ... "Keep it simple. We live in a holographic illusion set in time and space that had its 'Moment' and is about to evolve out of existence". I am grateful that he understands the nature of reality. I feel the way I do after teaching a workshop and students email me with their thoughts. Of course the bottom line is both David and my students are drawn to my readings and workshops to not only share but to leave with the final answer they are programmed to hear. Once you 'get it' the whole world looks different to you. You will never be the same or react the same way in most circumstances. I am not going to promise you great things will happen in your life because your consciousness is still in the hologram subject to your programmed experiences - but at least you will understand them better.