Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday

I watched about half of the GOP debate last night, best summed up in the news articles below ... Still think Trump is our best bet to lead the second American Revolution. Hey ... we don't have a lot of time left so let's give him a chance. He can't make a bigger mess than exists today ... though chaos escalates.

Watching earthquake activity ... in the 7's but need to get to the 9's to culminate the end time dramas. Sort of paralleling the Doomsday Clock. Be patient. Almost home.

Pause now .... Mentally check out The Watchers and any "alien" or other activity guiding this. What do you see?

Busy today with clients then the game. Should be a great half time show. I have no preference for either team, though the Panthers ruled this season.

Is Beyonce pregnant? Okay ... you don't care but I love her and think she is, after years of trying.

  US election 2016: Highlights and Analysis of the Debate   BBC - February 7, 2016

  5 takeaways from the Republican debate   CNN - February 7, 2016
It was the revenge of the governors, as Republicans met for their final debate before the Granite State's primary on Tuesday.
1. Rubio's rough night
2. The governors' alliance holds
3. Trump vs. Cruz: The fight that didn't happen
4. Cruz's false claims about CNN
5. An awkward start

  Ted Cruz is wrong about CNN's reporting   CNN - February 7, 2016
Sen. Ted Cruz knowingly misstated CNN's reporting during Saturday's Republican primary debate, despite the fact that CNN's reporting was correct all along. Cruz blamed CNN for a message his campaign sent to supporters the night of the Iowa caucuses suggesting Carson was going to suspend his campaign.

Year of the Monkey

Celebrations will take place in many cities this weekend.

NYC's 2016 Lunar New Year Events   Gothamist - February 6, 2016

February 9, 2016

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Google News

Mardi Gras, French for Fat Tuesday of Shrove Tuesday, is the day
before Ash Wednesday. Some of the cities most famous for their
Mardi Gras celebrations: New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, and Venice.

Ash Wednesday
First Day of Lent