Saturday, February 27, 2016

Political Revolution
in America

Hillary's landslide victory in SC came as no surprise to anyone as the Democrats must nominate someone who has the potential to beat Donald Trump. Bernie will continue to fight on but at the end of the day Trump called it ... it's him and Hillary down to the last wire. I don't know how anyone can support Hillary as she wants to continue Obama's policies. They obviously have some kind of deal going on, but supporting them is not to her advantage. "Hope" allows us to believe that whoever is elected will make things better but recent history has shown that is not the case as the country is in total upheaval. On we go to Super Tuesday.

Ron emailed ...


    Everyone I talk to seems to intuitively know something big and ominous is on the horizon. Depending who you talk to, or what your belief system is, the future storyline varies. All the negative indicators are pointing to a complete global economic collapse but few people are sounding the alarm. We have become numb to the constant negative news and people are feeling helpless to fix anything. Years of QE Quantitative Easing have not helped. The global monetary funds are now toying with 0% interest rates and even the unheard of negative interest rates. Seriously??? Who is going to put money in a bank if you will only get some of it back? The US Dollar is now losing its status as a world's reserve currency. Global shipping and commerce have stopped. No ships in the Atlantic Vessel finder. President Obama has been responsible for the largest increase in the US National Debt in our nation's history - from 10 trillion to 19 trillion and will likely be 21 trillion before he leaves office. Now homeland security and FEMA are rolling out the new consolidated emergency alert system. That will be used to give the president a national broadcast capability within 10 minutes of issuing an emergency request. Does this speak to you of martial law in the near future? Wake up people, things are not looking good. When the Financial Reset takes place, things are going to get very ugly and the vast majority of people will be taken by surprise.

Ron is not alone in this view. Consider the Royal Bank of Scotland telling its customers to SELL EVERYTHING, as well as others echoing that advice. Read more here

Step by step, both parties are forced to adapt to political change which in turn affects everything, not just in this country, but in many other parts of the world. Most Americans are interested in how the problems of the nation are going to be resolved not the ongoing battles between the candidates, though it makes for interesting reality TV.

Republican highlights this week included Trump winning the Nevada Caucus, Thursday night's Republican debate, and Friday's announcement by Chris Christie that he was endorsing Donald Trump. Today, we move to South Carolina and the Democratic primary - Clinton versus Sanders.

"Hope" allows us to believe that whoever is elected will make things better but recent history has shown that is not the case as the country is in total upheaval.

We can dream.

February 28, 2016

Academy Awards Website

88th Academy Awards

Sunday will highlight with the most prestigious of the entertainment award shows - the coveted Oscars. Lots of press and additional security with Joe Biden attending the ceremonies. Besides dreaming in gold, which symbolizes the alchemy of consciousness, performers are striving for diversity in the entertainment industry as the need for change continues - another revolution within the country and world.

To dream in gold reflects the alchemy of consciousness.

The Evolution of Dreams

Dreams can be viewed in color, black and white, a mix of both, or neither as the brain deciphers the screened images consciousness is observing while focused in other grids. As our perceptions of reality, including television and computer monitors, has upgraded in terms of quality and color content - so too have our dreams. It would appear that what you view and process in physical reality shapes your dreamscapes.

Back in the day when TV was black-and-white - people reported black-and-white dreams. As we moved to color TV people remember their dreams in color - the brain adapting to grid content.

Computer monitors and other virtual reality experiences have led to more clarity and vividness in dreams along with an increase in lucid dreaming for many people. It's all about programmed interpretations of the endless screened images one experiences at different levels of conscious awareness in different space-times (grid realities).


Above and Below Symbolism Revisited