Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trump wins in Vegas

More exiting than most things that happen in Vegas - and I've been there many times - was the energies of the Republican caucus last night as Donald Trump won by a wide margin. I actually think Trump should've won Iowa also but that whole fiasco with Ted Cruz having his people say Ben Carson was dropping out caused Trump to lose. I don't like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or Ben Carson. I really like John Kasich.

A friend on Facebook asked me, "Why do we want a casino owner, who has filed bankruptcy four times leaving the small people to pay his bills, who got five deferments (draft dodger we used to call them), has been married three times, and is a narcissistic blowhard as president?"

My response ... "It just shows how crazy reality has become." Never in my life did I ever take an interest in politics for any reason. I don't take stands on things ... I've never protested or done any of the things people do to make a difference. I've always known the program will play out the way it is meant. Now, I am doing things that are very out of character for me. I watch Meet the Press every Sunday morning. I follow politics and actually have watched many of the debates - though the conversations are becoming redundant. I suppose this all goes to the momentum of the Trump Surge which is telling my soul and others that - things continuing on as they are will lead to the destruction of humanity BOOM - so why not take a chance on something different.

Going outside the box is a gamble but what the hell. Our souls know the simulation is almost over. We know Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or any other elected official cannot resolve unresolvable issues - both present and in the future - but we want to see what they can do in the tedium we call - life on planet Earth. We like power. We are programmed for revolution. We relish in change. We have come a long way thanks to technology in the evolution of consciousness at this point in our experience here.

Right now, we are gambling on many things both personal and global. Some will win ... others will lose as on we go to Super Tuesday - March 1, 2016.

Speaking of winners .. My daughter Nikki just won the "New Business Development Award"
at the Food Network's annual conference in Florida. Congratulations. We are all proud of you.