Monday, February 22, 2016

Full Moon

February 22, 2016

Full Moon 3° Virgo

In this energy, the Bush Dynasty ended its influence on Americans.

Politics continues to take center stage this week. With Jeb Bush out of the Republican race, the remaining party hopefuls are shifting their attention to Nevada, which holds caucuses on Tuesday. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who finished second and third in South Carolina's primary on Saturday, are aiming to be the alternative to the first-place finisher, Donald J. Trump. The Democrats are focused on South Carolina, which holds its primary on Saturday. Bernie Sanders is looking to regain ground after a five-point loss to Hillary Clinton in the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, but he's slipping in the delegate count. The week in politics   CNN - February 22, 2016

A reshaped court ... The eight-member Supreme Court is back in session today for the first time since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. There are many cases that need to be resolved without delay as hopefully President Obama get to select a new Justice. One case - on the power of public unions - is the most likely to end in a 4-to-4 split this spring. The court could be at less than full strength for a year or more because of Republican opposition to allowing the president to fill the vacancy.

Across the pond ... Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to address Parliament today, presenting his case for the country to remain in the European Union. Britain will hold a vote in June on whether to remain in the bloc. London's mayor, Boris Johnson, a fellow Conservative and one of the party's most popular figures, is campaigning for an exit. Britian's exit from the EU is being called "Brexit."

ISIS spreads in Africa. The Islamic State in Libya is deepening its push into Africa, doubling its ranks there, U.S. intelligence agencies say, and becoming a bigger threat in countries like Senegal, which have been largely immune to terrorism. The group's numbers are said to have dropped in Iraq and Syria. However, in Syria on Sunday, suicide attacks claimed by ISIS killed more than 100 people, just as an announcement was made on an imminent partial truce.

Monday in your life. I hope the energies of the Full Moon in Leo work for you - health, jobs, relationships, other. I get up early and enjoyed watching the luminous full moon set in the western horizon. Once gone, a brilliant sun rose to start another day in the city.

If you live in new York State - did you know our state flower is the rose? FYI: The NYS presidential primary is Tuesday April 19, 2016. 2016 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions