Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Turning 73 in the Grids

I woke up early this morning as always, and remembered a birthday wish from a family member, Joel, my age, who spends his winters in Boca Raton. In discussing birthdays he added, "Every morning I am surprised to wake up." He didn't mean it in the metaphysical sense of reality ending but in the sense of "73 and still alive". Do I feel old or older? Nope!

Today ... as my consciousness looks out over the grids ... then zooms in to Ellie in this reality ... it's another other day in the life as I await my next adventure. I opened my computer and found many birthday wishes from Facebook friends some who go back 20 years with the start of Crystalinks. We've come a long way baby and now we play.

On this day my friend Anna - who lives in the next building and has the same view of the bridge - is making lunch for us. She's a great cook - I will take a pic. Like me, Anna, 66, is in perfect health, and recently retired, enjoying the things she couldn't do after a lifetime of working in corporate America. Recently she told me people are amazed at her age and the fact that has no health issues and takes no meds. She has journeyed through metaphysics and now is out there playing. We realize this is not everyone's destiny and appreciate that it is ours though I have no plans to retire.