Friday, February 19, 2016

Church and State

Thursday morning, I updated my file on Religion for the first time in years. By afternoon, the news was about the Pope vs. Donald Trump. Once again something about the timing of this feels staged ... Ah yes ... it's holographic algorithms coming into play in the physical. The pope says everything people want to hear, just as politicians do that we know isn't programmed to happen. What can take the power of the church down? Truth and that's why I like Trump. There is more going on here than meets the symbolic all seeing eye. Enjoy end times ... It's why your soul is here. Everything is crumbling down ... All the kings horses and all the kings men ... won't he able to put anything together again. Speaking of walls ... Isn't Vatican City a walled enclave?

The Republican presidential primary in South Carolina and the Democratic caucuses in Nevada take place tomorrow. Bernie Sanders has cut Hillary Clinton's national lead in half, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds. Nevada had been expected to bolster Mrs. Clinton's drive to the Democratic nomination, but it's now a tight contest. Donald J. Trump is leading the Republican field. South Carolina voters have a near-perfect record in picking the party's eventual nominee.

  Donald Trump: "I don't like fighting with the pope"   CBS - February 19, 2016

  Thursday night Town Hall Trump goes back after George W. Bush, eases off Pope Francis   CNN - February 19, 2016

Silicon Valley Versus Washington

Did you watch "The Blacklist" Thursday night? Besides the main storyline about the personal lives of Reddington, Liz, Tom, the baby, and soon Liz's mom - the show was about global surveillance and the algorithms used to do it - RAT. It always comes down to money. Here's the plot ... Hackers spy on people through their monitors as if watching a reality show and sell the live streaming to others for various purposes. Not cool but true. Some people I know cover their computer camera so no one can watch them. My camera snaps onto my monitor and when not in use sits on my desk top facing out to the street. "Person of Interest" - and other cyber shows - opened doors to what goes on. The world could easily be held hostage by hackers or an A.I. as in "Person of Interest" with an agenda of its own. As we are watchers in our own program - playing here in End Time Reality TV - the quickly moving hangs to reality keep us on our toes and busy. There's nothing I hate more than being bored.

Now let's get to the current iPhone situation. I wonder if it applies to my Samsung Galaxy?

Senior lawmakers have opened the door to legislation to set ground rules when law-enforcement authorities can gain access to encrypted devices, and for possible penalties when companies don't comply. For now, though, Apple's refusal to unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino, Calif., attackers remains a court matter. The FBI's ability to find other links to the two shooters has been hindered by its inability so far to find the couple's desktop computer hard drive or unlock encrypted data on an Apple iPhone that belonged to one of the shooters, which could reveal more information about the planning of the attack.

What surprised me is why government hackers couldn't get into the iPhones to get the information. It is done all the time. I guess that information wouldn't be admissible. Again ... I smell a cover-up. Maybe I watch too many law enforcement shows.

February 19 - March 20, 2016 -- Sun in Pisces The Fish

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