Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Can you see the spirit next to you? I can.

Thanks for guiding my journey here.

Bye bye spirit guide.

What's real?

What's real? The baby?
The image he's watching on the monitor?
The spirit the baby sees in the room?
You watching the baby?
None of the above?
Delete ... Fade to Black ...

In the illusion of time, all things are real and exist to us as our brains allow. In metaphysics we talk about babies and pets staring at nothing, yet by their expressions, we understand they are looking at someone and reacting to something adult minds can't see as their frequency is too grounded in physical reality. Babies may see the spirit of someone familiar to them before they were born, or something that just peaks their interest as their brains decide what experience to follow on the screen of streaming consciousness they observe in the matrix of time. It's about conscious awareness and the processor called the brain. This is not to say infants and young children see every spirit out there. As with everything else it is all selective.

What Little Babies See That You No Longer Can   Scientific American - February 2, 2016

Before developing perceptual constancy, three- to four-month-old babies have a striking ability to see image differences that are invisible to adults. They lose this superior skill around the age of five months. This kind of misperception is an example of perceptual constancy, the mechanism that allows you to recognize an object as being the same in different environments, and under very diverse lighting conditions. The perceptual systems of your predecessors were resistant to annoying changes in the physical reality - as is your own adult perception.