Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine Weekend

Happy Valentine's Day

Friday February 12, 2016

The major story facing the northeast over the next 48 hours is a polar vortex. Will that stop Ellie from doing what she has to do? Let's hope not. Here's my agenda ...

Late this afternoon I'm going to a studio in the city to do a pilot about Ancient Aliens that hopefully will be produced as a series by A & E H2. I will actually costar in the pilot not just be a guest as my One Year gets off to a great start. This is really exciting and I hope things go well. I hope to have at least one picture to share by tomorrow morning or later today.

As always on my birthday weekend the weather is not the best but at least we're not having a blizzard as family comes to Brooklyn tomorrow to celebrate my 73rd. My actual birthday is February 17th.

On Sunday I have a client named David from sunny warm Florida - who paid for a phone reading then decided he wanted to fly here for an in-person reading arriving on Valentine's Day.

Though the next few days will be busy - I will cautiously take everything slowly and in perspective as the windchill's take us below zero. The body reacts to the weather even if you're indoors. Last night I removed my plants from the window ledges and have everything I need until the weather warms up next week. To be continued ...

If you're following the presidential campaigns they will continue to "heat" up as we get future primaries continue.

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