Sunday, January 9, 2011

Above Meets Below

As I blogged last week, the crazy people on the planet are going to get crazier in end times, or simply act out with rage disorder, commonly found with late teens and early adults who do not get help. ... You know what? ... even when they do get help ... many are just as out of control as they were before. The program is a run-away train accelerating as it moves out of existence when above meet below in the hourglass of time.

  AZ shooting targets US congresswoman, kills 6   AP - January 9, 2011

In another "young person with issues and rage disorder", we find this ongoing story about a bipolar man out of control - Jared Loughner, 22, who killed 6 people and shot a very special woman - Rep. Gabrielle Giffords - in Tucson, AZ on Saturday. Always there will be the backstory about his life replete with tales of abuse and mental illness with those in his family and who he associated with that brought him to the breaking point. Our prayers go out to her family. She seems like such a special person.

Mental illness generally begins to show itself in early teens. It intensifies until late teens when personality disorders like bipolar disorder, clinical depression, anxiety, panic and rage disorder, schizophrenia, OCD, and others, become full blown as the chemicals in the brain are out of control, often resulting in suicide. All sorts of therapies can be tried, as the soul tries to heal through the haze of confused emotions. And when teens and early adults rage out of control, they leave behind a trail of bodies ... living and dead.

If you work with the police and FBI as I do, you cannot image how many crazy people like this are out there killing and harming people. All of the programs have perpetuated this behavior, which in many ways seems unfair to the tortured souls who have to experience it. Perhaps that is why so many of the metaphysical people, and worn out souls, believe we are moving to la-la reality and taking our bodies with us. It sounds like a plan, but can't and won't happen - nor does it exist out there in any physical reality as they all feature the study of emotions. Emotions go to linear time - created by electromagnetic energies which are all about polarity or duality, and you know the rest.


South of the border ... more insanity

  27 deaths, including 14 decapitated, rock Acapulco   AP - January 9, 2011

The image of this beach mecca has taken a new hit from Mexico's drug violence, with 27 people killed in less than a day, including 14 men whose bodies were found with their heads chopped off at a shopping center.


On another note - check your name out here Spokeo. I saw a story about this website on NBC news this morning and couldn't believe they know so many facts about people and for a small fee you can find out more. They say it is all in the public record. On the down side - many of their facts are off. They say I live with someone and I don't ... unless they count Z! Checked other facts about friends and they too were wrong. People ask me why I post my address. With this website you can see the front of my building as a slideshow. Glad I have no secrets. Don't believe everything you read.