Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clients Who Know

Monday I read 3 clients, each living on a different content. What made the experience so unprecedented for me is that they all understand the nature of reality and that the program is ending, their conclusions independent of reading Crystalinks. Like most of my friends, and many of the readers of this blog and elsewhere, they believe 2011 is the end. I still see 2012, but then again, time is an illusion - further at the time of Virgo 2011 - the universe enters 2012.

As to final times - everyone sees, channels, and dreams (all the same) about massive Earth changes. This year some really major earthquake and tsunami activity will hit already weakened plates. The tectonic plates are more broken in the Pacific Ring of Fire and elsewhere, than is reported on the news. So what else is new? Do you know that there are serious earthquakes that clients email me in their areas - swarms of 5's and 6's that never make the news. One friend uses google earth to track the, noting new earthquakes affect the mid-Atlantic ridge. I am also told the extreme flood stories go deeper than is reported. Alas they think we are not supposed to know.

One more thing ... or two ... this is not localized to our planet ... but to the entire solar system ... and the entire universe. Scientific publications tell of the physical changes to all of the local planets. As all is part of the same hologram, created by the same geometry, it is all imploding together. Somehow the LHC is connected to this ... or brings proof. Computer end program.

It's all connected to our sun ... Interesting article ... According to Battams and colleagues, the comet swarm could be forerunner fragments from a much larger parent comet that may be headed along a similar path. And such a large icy body coming so near the sun would result in a spectacular sky show. Some link this to the return of Niburu -- its gravitational pull yanking asteroids towards the inner solar system aka comets.

"Suicide" Comet Storm Hits Sun - Bigger Sun-Kisser Coming?   National Geographic - January 17, 2011

Seeing "25 comets in just ten days, that's unprecedented," Karl Battams, of the United States Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C., said in a statement. "It was crazy!"