Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19, 2011

Full Moon 29° Cancer

The Full Moon speaks of things coming full circle - above meets below in the alchemy of time.

Water represents the flow of the collective unconsciousness, that which creates realities.

In all its fury, it rages across the universal landscape to wash away the old and create anew.

Watch your emotions - what you do and say during this window. Emotions are going to seem magnified, not just in this full moon, but in the time remaining. Fears and phobias may become heightened. Mental health disorders can go from being under control to raging. All you can do is stay balanced and avoid those who are not. Create a personal space that is yours, doing things like meditation, yoga, reading, music, creating 'your book' or art form, being in nature, the usual 'feel good' things that you can control in your life. Go to this Happy Space whenever you can - though daily is best. And most of all ... remember that everything breaks down due to STRESS - emotional, physical and geophysical (tectonic).