Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Floor is Open

I opened Ellie's World blog to its readers this week. If you have a story, a question, and maybe a photo to share - not about orbs, ghosts and scrying, but something unusual you think the readers will enjoy, please email it. I'm not into poetry.

Wednesday: Some of the messages sent, referenced self-empowerment theories and website that I don't adhere to, so I deleted them. If you are still 'old-school' and believe rituals, in any guise, will help you manifest what you want, you are wrong. To repeat, things happen in your life as per your programming - which should help you understand a lot about the decisions you made that you knew were wrong, but acted on them anyway. You act according to your brain chemistry and DNA make-up which creates your destiny allowing you to believe you created it at this level of consciousness.

Don't believe everything you believe!

Email From Readers - Wednesday

From Ellie: Take the last 2 digits of the year you were born + the age you will be this year and it will equal 111.

Story 1: Math is the language of the universe.

    Hi Ellie,

    I really enjoyed the 111 synchronicity you posted on Ellie's World today, as I'm really fascinated by Numerology. That is so wild!

    I work in Accounting, and when I started updating cash receipts for yesterday ... guess what my journal number was? 111. I love it!

    Brian in Mass.

Story 2: Bird speak ...

    Dear Ellie,

    I have been visiting your site for 10+ years, and want to share an experience I had New Years morning. I took my German Shepherd out in the backyard. When I looked up in the sky I saw a wondrous thing. There must have been 30-40 hawks gliding in the air above me. I knew that this could not be, but I kept on watching. I knew if I went inside for my phone or a camera, they would be gone.

    About 500 feet away I saw a tree full of crows that almost seemed still in time. It was as though they were saying, "I don't know about you George, but I ain't moving my black tail feathers until those hawks are gone." Not one bird flew away while the hawks were in the sky. Knowing that hawks never flew like that, I kept watching and sure enough, several came right above my head to verify my question.

    In my heart I knew that this had to be either Divine, Metaphysical or Native American in nature. I have searched for an answer and thought maybe you could help. I am 1/4 Mohawk. My first female ancestor in Canada was exorcised 3 times by the then Father Lavale, who became Monsignor Lavale for whom Lavale University was founded and named in 1663.

    Thank you, Pam in Orlando, Fla.

Horus was the Hawk-headed, or falcon-headed, god in the Egyptian pantheon. This takes us to rebirth, resurrection, Eye of Horus symbology of this program/reality, etc. 30-40 = 3->4 or moving out of the physical on the New Year (1/1/11=4) - into the new. The Crow is an omen of death and rebirth - return to the black hole/whole. The crow as the raven is symbolic of mind, thought and wisdom. All birds represent transition from one reality to another. They are messengers.


When 7 becomes 8 ... Infinity...

Mohawk Prophecy of the Seventh Generation

Seven generations after contact with the Europeans, the Onkwehonwe would see the day when the elm trees would die.

Strange animals would be born deformed and without the proper limbs.

Huge stone monsters would tear open the face of the earth.

The rivers would burn.

The air would burn the eyes of man.

The birds would fall from the sky.

The fish would die in the water.

And man would grow ashamed of the way that he had treated his Mother and Provider, the Earth.

After seven generations of living in close contact with the Europeans, the Onkwehonwe would rise up and demand that their rights and stewardship over the Earth be respected and restored.

According to the wisdom of this prophecy, men and women would one day turn to the Onkwehonwe for both guidance and direction. It is up to the present generation of youth of the Kanienkehaka to provide leadership and example to all who have failed. The children of the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) are the seventh generation.

Story 3: The Children of Turtle Island

    Hello Ellie,

    Thank you for the submission invite. I've been following your blog for a few years now and visit your website quite often when I'm looking for information. Your work fascinates me.

    I've attached a picture/sketch my six-year-old granddaughter drew sometime in November. I found it in her room hiding in a pile of paper on her little desk. To tell the truth, my jaw dropped. I really couldn't believe what I was looking at mainly because I follow the news, read various alternative blogs and have been watching the 2012 phenomena unfold for a few years now.

    All kinds of lights came on as I recognized world events/issues that were and are still being talked about. I asked her if she could tell me a little bit about the picture and what she responded with was the Arctic (bottom right). Other than that, she didn't know. What I was seeing was the Australian floods, the Mayan Calendar, solar flares (wa for waves), possible dates, etc. She drew another picture a few days later and then scribbled all over it. She seemed to be fixated on the Canadian Arctic, mountains, waves and ocean life (whales and that little person turtle).

    I'm curious as to what other people, including yourself, might 'see' in this picture, if anything, and am hoping perhaps that you might post it for comment. I have two grand daughters, five and six, and the things they say or do sometimes have me laughing in amazement. From the minds and mouths of babes....... I often wonder what the world will be like for them.

    Sharon in Texas

There is so much here, I'm not sure where to begin. What first gabbed me, maybe because of Pam's email, was the turtle. Turtle Island is a Native American term for the North American continent and Canada - the first people. Lots of numeric codes as well. It looks like a mention of Australia with water below. It even has my address: 10031. It further reminded of this 2008 blog - "Grandmother Ellie" by Matthew at age, 4.

Image reversed 180°

Story 4: Waiting for a new world, but already there

    Dear Ellie,

    I just wanted to say thanks for being out here, your website has been a source of so much fact finding for me! I remember when I first found Crystalinks, I was looking for information on the center of the earth and found an article here about the crystal core. Then after back-tracking the url I found so much more! I just always seem to be lead to information like this and am so thirsty for it sometimes I think I'd die of thirst, especially during these times towards the end/beginning I'm just on pins and needles. It feels like I'm on a roller coaster creeping so very slowly towards the top and screaming hurry up already! Yet at the same time I have this sense that I've already ridden the roller coaster and arrived at my destination. It's such a strong sense that everything around me often seems unreal.

    Just like Shakespeare said, "Life is but a waking dream". Still, it would be nice for my five senses and my other senses to line up already, I just can't stop thinking about what we'll all create next!

    Thanks, and see you all on the flip side!


I think I'm already there.

Trees have always had deep-rooted symbolic meaning in every culture.

Forests are the abode of the nature spirits, a refuge from

danger as well as a source of dangerous wild animals.

Forests are mysterious and constantly changing.

Tree symbols contain multiple mythic qualities. The 'deep-rooted' symbolism is apparent in common metaphors such as the tree of life and our ancestral heritage depicted in family trees. In Vedic philosophy, the symbolism of wood claims this element as the primal material of the universe. Christian art depicts Christ as the cosmic carpenter and His ultimate sacrifice is represented by a wooden cross.

Trees bring balance to everything.

The Jewish depiction of the Kabbalah is in the form of a

modified tree and explains the mystical teachings of Judaism.