Monday, January 24, 2011

Streams of Consciousness - Waves - Sine Waves and Binary Code

Last week I blogged about: Ellie's Australia and Oz connections as well as epic flood stories. This week the connections continue. In the film version of The WiZard of Oz, we find a tornado carrying Dorothy to Oz on her journey to find her true home. The tornado represents spiraling consciousness - Dorothy going above to find her answers as we move from black and white screen to living color. Then there's Blue Screen and Green Screen -- it's all an illusion.

It's the storms, the water metaphors that awaken.

Still ... it is all a dream.


How does this affect you? For one thing, if affects the global economy. For another, the plates are shaking, breaking, sinking, and the effect is global.

  'Amazing' Australian floodwaters enter new towns   AFP - January 24, 2011

Surging floodwaters broke levees in disaster-hit Australia on Monday to inundate more properties in the southeast, as residents sandbagged homes against the spiraling crisis. Swollen rivers in the southeastern state of Victoria have created a flood zone measuring an estimated 90 kilometres (56 miles) long and 40 kilometres wide, the State Emergency Service said. "This area has seen unprecedented flooding," SES spokesman Kevin Monk told AFP. "This is just amazing."

The Victoria floods stem from La Nina-provoked torrential rains which hit the state mid-January and followed weeks of widespread floods to the north that killed at least 30 people and devastated mining and farming in Queensland. Prime Minister Julia Gillard again called on companies to boost their donations to the rebuilding effort, with infrastructure repairs and help for businesses and families estimated to cost some Aus$20 billion ($19.8 billion).