Monday, January 10, 2011

Shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords 1/10/11

The world waits and watches the progress of Gabrielle Giffords and today honors those who died on Saturday. We are most taken by the beautiful 9 year old girl, born on 9/11 who died on 1/8/11 Sunday being 1/9/11.

There are endless blogs, articles and opinions about the sadness and madness of the world today. Technology allows us to quickly piece together the events as they unfold and understand the human experiment from all perspectives.

When I was in High School my best friend was Sherry. We did all the silly things best friends do together, remaining close friends throughout our lives. Sherry retired as a medical researcher at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn when she turned 62. She and her husband now spend summers at home in NJ and winters in their home in Tucson. Her son Alan and his family live in Tucson so it worked out well. Yesterday after the shooting Sherry wrote ...

    Hi Ellie

    People are shocked and aghast to think that a mass shooting can occur in front of the supermarket. It is a horrific event. Although Gabrielle Giffords won the election by a small margin she is a very well liked representative even by the Republicans. It is so sad that so many other people were killed and injured, especially the 9 year old child. It was nice to see that the shooter was caught by bystanders.

    This just happens to have occurred at the supermarket that Alan shops at every week at that time of day. They are doing renovations on his house and he and his family moved into a vacation rental for 2 weeks while the floors and kitchen are being done. Because they are staying a few miles further away from the supermarket they were late in getting there and were stuck in the traffic. He called and told me he saw helicopters and police activity. He said I should turn on the TV to see what was happening. Timing is everything. They could have been there at just that time.

    Love, Sherry

Sarah Palin's Target List -- Whoever dug her up to be on the political scene? This is truly a glitch in the program. She instigates the climate of violence in the country. She needs to understand many things - among them -- "Words have consequences that can lead to tragedy if people are not careful. Words have to be kept within bounds." Palin has issues and may attract others with issues, but I hope this event takes her out of the public once and for all or acts as the start of her downfall.

Mental illness generally begins to show itself in early teens. It intensifies until late teens when personality disorders like bipolar disorder, clinical depression, anxiety, panic and rage disorder, schizophrenia, OCD, and others, become full blown as the chemicals in the brain are out of control, often resulting in suicide. All sorts of therapies can be tried, as the soul tries to heal through the haze of confused emotions. And when teens and early adults rage out of control, they leave behind a trail of bodies ... living and dead.