Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Return of the Capstone

Egypt is under siege as people take to the streets. This is not the opening line of a script or novel. It is happening right here - right now. Everything is coming full circle. You are watching the end times of a program as old as time itself. This was all meant to happen now as souls return to freedom. The old ways don't work - they were never meant to. This goes beyond politics, religion, economics, Earth changes, and everything else you see that is no longer supported by the grids that create the hologram. The capstone (consciousness) is opening ... spiraling the program out of existence. Close your eyes. See it. Feel it. Be it.

From Sirius and the Belt Stars of Orion ... to Egypt ...

to Mayan Mysteries, Pyramid Architecture, and Harmonic Creations

It's a cosmic blueprint brought forth as landscape art below.

Always we find The Traveler and The UFO

Pyramids - Hourglass of Time

Egypt is the place to watch as that was the beginning ...

where the ships touched down and the games began in the sands of time

12 ships around/surround the planet - each with 3 creational forces.